Final Portfolio

Critique: Sister Larson encouraged me to realign my text where possible to connect with the pictures, She also requested my contact information on the last slide and for the typography picture to be cropped in such a way that no content was lost. I also received critiques from Sharon Lundgren and Dee Selph Wightman stating that my arrows needed rearranged on some of the slides. I tried to make them lead into the projects better.

10 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. Your portfolio turned out really well. I love your cover slide, and I like that you added a unique shape to your projects. The arrows turned out great. My favorite projects are your movie poster and magazine spread. You are so creative and talented!!


  2. Julie – You have shown so much creativity this semester. I love how you put your sense of humor into your movie poster. Very witty. You used a lot of color in your designs. Nice job.


  3. Julie, you are an incredibly talented designer! I loved your portfolio. It is creative, well, thought out and excellently executed. I love the quirky picture on the cover slide. I love the repeated design elements. It is fabulous!


  4. I feel like your projects really come from your heart and that you have a talent for taking an assignment and putting your heart into it. I like the variety of ways you presented each project and how nice they all look in the slide presentation. It’s all been worth it, right!


  5. You did a great job this semester! All your projects turned out great and your slideshow showcases them very well. I think employers would be correct in hiring you for your talents. I hope things keep going this good as you continue to move forward!


  6. Julie,

    Thank you for sharing your portfolio. I enjoyed how you utilized those arrows in each slide. It made me feel like clicking to see more! I missed your event ad when we did it, I really enjoyed it. I thought the layout and the bright colors used for that project turned out very nice.

    Kindest Regards,



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