Slide Design

Ted Talk: Less Stuff, More Happiness

Speaker’s Outline:

1 – What’s in the box?
2 – We have triple the space we had fifty years ago but it’s not enough. More stuff is having a bad effect on us and our environment.
3 – Less might actually equal more. We have all tasted simpler living and it provides more freedom and time and less environmental impact.

4 – Asked the internet to design a place with everything I could possibly want. I got it. It’s a better place to be.

5 – Three steps to overcoming overcrowding. Edit Ruthlessly. What do you really need?

6 – Small is sexy. Space efficiency, nesting, digitize.

7 – Multifunctional.  spaces and housewares.

8 – Consider the benefits of life edited. What can you do without? What will it give you?

9 – What’s in the box? It doesn’t really matter.

10 – Less might equal more. Make room for the good stuff.


My sketches were a very early springboard and have very little resemblance to my finished slides.


I wanted a short and to the point ted talk that could really use some design sprucing. This was a topic that I am interested in and if you watch the talk you can see that his graphics and companion slides are dismal at best. Just really unimpressive design overall. I knew that with a professional looking slide show it could really make a bigger impact and I wanted to take that challenge. The audience would be modern professionals and creative individuals, the people who attend ted talks. I used a simple and clean color scheme of all related colors Blue, Green, Yellow. I used Avenir fonts, mostly heavy weight, at various sizes to add emphasis or make a point. I really loaded up on white space except for the last slide which I used a background image for. In the end I felt my design was clean and appealing as well as interesting and captivating. I didn’t want any of the slides to be exactly the same, more like cousins instead of sisters. So I kept a similar feel by following a color pattern and trying to have an even distribution of colored vs white text.


I received a lot of positive input from my classmates! I am really happy my first design took so well. There was a concern with a slide. In the talk one of the points he makes is “small is sexy”. I knew that in a BYU class this slide and line might be a particularly hard sell. I did my best to avoid a sexual theme and instead went with a more humorous allusion. Originally I had a “yellow polka dot bikini” top hanging on a clothes line. in a circle cut out alongside the text “small is sexy”. Shelley Guthrie Tiffany pointed out that even this was a sexual theme and would be potentially offensive. Margery Bailey Sabolsky suggested I use the image of a doll house and change the caption. I really like the original design but decided that in this particular environment I should probably adhere to the critiques of my classmates. I was unable to find a good image of a dollhouse in someones hand (they all had watermarks) and I eventually went with a puppy in hand and changed the text to “think small”.

Image Sources (In order of slides, I think):


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